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2599 Roe Drive
Lewis Center, OH, 43035
United States

(614) 940-6247

Creating a handcrafted keepsake you can treasure for years to come, with flowers from life's most memorable occasions.


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A Rose Full of Memories was created while my wife Ali and I were driving home from Lima to Columbus in November of 2011.  We were both teachers at the time, and a few months earlier Ali had received the news that she would be RIF’d from her 1st grade position at the end of the year because of lack of district funding.  We had just bought a new house, and had a two month old baby at home, so we HAD to find a way to bring some money in.

After Ali received the news that she would be losing her job, we bounced a LOT of job ideas off of each other.  Finally, on that car ride home from Lima, we decided that making jewelry from flowers was the best option for us.  Ali had a bracelet made a few years earlier when her grandfather passed away, so we figured we would try to figure out how the process worked.  This would be something Ali could do from home and not have the expense of a sitter for our child.  After about three months of attempts, which all ended in complete failure, we FINALLY found a method that worked for us and A Rose Full of Memories was created.

In March of 2012, we created a Facebook page for A Rose Full of Memories and started to really spread the word about our company.  It was a slow process in the beginning, but after we sent our first few orders out, the idea spread like wild fire! 

In the winter of 2012, we met with Schoedinger’s Funeral Homes located in Central Ohio.  Five of their funeral home directors decided to show our items to each of the families that came into their funeral homes.  This was the turning point for our company!  Our IDEA of a company had just blossomed into an actual company! 

Today we are happy to say that A Rose Full of Memories is in full BLOOM!  A lot of our orders come from our home towns of Lima, Massillon and current home town of Columbus.  Not all of them though: we have received orders from all over the United States as well as from overseas!  We take great pride in what we do, and hope that each and every item we send out helps our customers remember their special occasion.  Ali and I are always researching and creating new types of keepsakes to offer and will do our best to create anything our customer asks for.

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