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2599 Roe Drive
Lewis Center, OH, 43035
United States

(614) 940-6247

Creating a handcrafted keepsake you can treasure for years to come, with flowers from life's most memorable occasions.


Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Does the bead have to be the same color as the flowers?

No.  You can choose ANY color you would like for the beads.  Some customers like to have the beads match the original color of the flower(s), while others like to have the beads made into a different color than the original flower colors so the specks of flowers “POP” more: Ex. White roses put into a red bead.


2. What colors do I have to choose from for my beads?

We can create ANY solid color that you would like, or ANY marbleized (mix of two or more colors) colors that you would like.  You can choose your favorite color, the color of the flowers, the color that will help you to remember your special occasion, etc…the choice is yours!  Please note that all flowers dry differently.  Most turn a darker shade of the original color, but some actually get hints of other colors within them (Ex. a white flower can sometimes dry light brown or yellow in color).  We have no control over the color that the flowers turn when they are dried. 


3. How long is a bracelet?  Necklace?

Each bracelet is an adjustable length of 7-8 inches long. We use silver chain as an extension on the bracelet to ensure proper fitting for each of our customers.  Each necklace is 18 inches long.


4. What type of silver is used to make the jewelry?

All of our pendant necklaces come with a plated silver necklace, but you have the option of upgrading to a sterling silver necklace. The type of silver is listed under each item and the option to upgrade to sterling will be listed if that is an option.  It is important to remember that all silver tarnishes, so proper maintenance is needed. We do not replace items for tarnishing. There is an additional charge for sterling silver pieces and not all items are available in sterling silver.


5. How do I care for my jewelry?

To keep your jewelry in great condition, keep it AWAY from water, even while washing hands. All sterling will tarnish, but water will speed the process up a lot.  As for storage, keep your jewelry in the plastic bag that it was sent in when not wearing it. We do not replace items due to tarnishing or water damage.


6. How do I ship the flowers?

The most important thing to know is that putting the flowers in a plastic bag will create moisture and cause them to mold.  DO NOT put your flowers in any type of plastic bag!  When you are ready to place your order, you may either order online or send your order and check in the mail with your flowers. Regardless of the way you decide to place your order, the flower petals will be mailed to our address: 2599 Roe Dr. Lewis Center, Ohio 43035. The flowers can be taken off of the stem and flattened in a few paper towels before placing them in an envelope.  This will help to dry the flowers as well as save you some money with shipping.


7. What if my flowers are damaged already, or get damaged in the mail?

Do NOT worry about damaging your flowers.  We have to completely dry your flowers and break them off of the stem anyway, so if they get a little beat up on the way to our house, it will be fine (do not pay a crazy amount of money to ship them – an envelope will do). 


8. Do the flowers have to be fresh?

We have to dry the flowers out, so your flowers can be fresh, or they can be 50 years old!  As long as they are not moldy, we can make it work!


9. What if I want to order more items after I receive my order?

We save ALL of the flowers that our customers send us.  We have them stored and labeled with your name.  If you would like to order more items, just email us and we will start the ordering process.


10. How long will it be until I receive my order?

From the time we receive your order in the mail, it will be shipped out to you in approximately 3 weeks.